BCL Grads

As a student but also someone who works in the legal profession, I am regularly reminded of just how hard it is to secure work placements, jobs, training contracts etc.

I was fortunate enough via my website to be introduced to BCL Grads (part of BCL Legal). The link is: http://www.bclgraduates.com

BCL Grads is basically the middle man. It enables graduates to connect with employees and vice versa. I suppose in some respect it is not dissimilar to other job sites, but BCL Grads offers a lot more.

The site provides information on key areas and general information on employment and the law, there is also a blog!

As far as I can see the website is extremely easy to use and access, and definitely something worth trying if you are in the predicament (like many people are) of trying to secure a legal related job after your degree or post-graduate studies.

Whilst I have not used BLC Grads to secure a job, countless people are using the website and plenty of employers are using it as well. So it really is worth checking out.

I would also highly recommend students and people in employment checking it out for the general advice and information they provide, as well as students getting a feel for what work is available in an ever increasing competitive market, and especially one where very often graduates need to secure jobs before they undertake Training Contracts and Pupillages.

Plus it may also highlight to you an array of legal related jobs you had never considered before, as well as provide you with contacts and opportunities to network – a word I know is constantly in use both at law school and employment!

So what better way to network than on a site specifically for those interested in law.

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