Big Voice London: Volunteers Needed

Big Voice London runs some amazing projects throughout the year, giving students an insight into policy, law and also just giving them a voice!  The projects they run require volunteers, and there is varying levels of responsibility dependant on the project.

Check out the website for some of the previous projects as well as what they have planned for this year.    and you definitely won’t regret becoming a volunteer, you get to work on some amazing projects, enable the students to formulate opinions, arguments, law reform proposals, and have their voice heard.  Plus you get to help them moot!

And if you are looking for another reason (as much as I hope this wouldn’t be your main reason for volunteering) it does look really good on your CV!

By volunteering you would be making a massive difference to some of these students, they love to have conversations about studying law and career paths, and so volunteers coming along to these projects is beneficial, and having a familiar face means they really get to know you and feel comfortable sharing their opinions.

Do send them an email if this sounds like the sort of thing you would like to be a part of.  Plus once you have volunteered once, you aren’t obliged to help on another project – although most people do stick around for a while because it is good fun!

Rebecca x

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