It’s Time To Talk….

You can’t escape the various campaigns, posters, social media messages and content being shared this week, reminding every time that it is Time To Talk.

Time To Talk about your mental health, any struggles, any problems you are facing.

One thing stands out to me, and whilst I am fully supportive of campaigns such as these… people need to feel like they can talk anytime. They need to feel like they have a person (or group of people) that they can reach out to anytime when things just aren’t that great, when life just gets that little bit too much, when they just need a chat.

Sometimes it isn’t about laying out all of your problems and troubles, sometimes it is just having a chat about the weather, Love Island, the latest Harlan Coben series on Netflix. A time to switch off from your troubles briefly and remind yourself that the world is still spinning, and will continue to spin when this problem, phase, wellbeing state passes or changes.

Sometimes there aren’t quick fixes to our problems or feelings, and in the moment that can be hard to understand, but there is a huge community out there, ready and willing to help you muddle your way through them, even if they don’t know what is going on.

My DM’s on social media accounts are always open, as our my emails! I am always happy to meet up with students (and lawyers) for a chat about anything.. life, work, studies.. or even the best hot chocolate, crime documentaries and holidays and everything in between.

I am always checking my message folders and emails as I frequently get messages from students who are struggling (not just with their studies, it could be life, family etc.) and whilst I am no expert and can’t always help resolve things, I am happy to listen!

Please do reach out to people, and don’t suffer in silence.

Your feelings or any problems you are facing can always be made a little easier, and don’t think there isn’t any one to just chat to. I have found the online legal community to be one of the most friendly and supportive communities. You can’t fail to spark up a conversation or join in with one on anything from law, to the best ways to cook roast potatoes, crime dramas on TV through to the best flavour of crisps (if you want my vote, it is always plain/ready salted).

So please send that DM or message. Please just have a chat with someone. You owe it to yourself as well!

There has never been a more important Time To Talk, but know that you can message me anytime, not just on one day a year!

Rebecca x

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