SALS (School of Advocacy and Legal Studies) is an organisation which runs advocacy and legal based sessions tailored at students or those in the profession. 

I was fortunate enough to undertake a 2 day course with them in the Summer of 2012 at The University of Hertfordshire – where we were taught how to make various pre-trial applications.  Not only that but we also taught how to assert ourselves, and how best to prepare and present ourselves in court – as well as some very handy public speaking tips!

During the academic year 2012-2013, I also undertook a number of evening sessions, whereby our skeleton arguments were looked at and we were also able to watch applications being made as well as have a go ourselves.

When you undertake these sessions you are taught by barristers and QCs as well as judges, who have a vast amount of experience in what they do, but they have also been in the same situation as us.

You receive plenty of good feedback and encouragement as well as some invaluable tips on how to improve and also information about the profession! Plus you get to hear real life examples and stories.

Check out the website for more information –

I would highly recommend the sessions, and feel that not only has my legal knowledge and capability in these areas grown, but my confidence in public speaking and the way in which I present an argument have improved greatly.

If you would like more information on my experience of SALS, let me know.

rebecca x


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