The Penalty Film

So a few weeks ago I posted a blog about The Penalty, a film being made by the same people that created the One for Ten videos.

You may also remember that in order for them to finish filming they created a Kick Starter where people would pledge money in return for a few perks (it seems everyone is using this a method for funding for various projects).

It was great to find out that not only did they reach their target they managed to completely exceed it, and it will enable them to spend longer abroad, get more footage and make the film even better!

I honestly can’t wait to see the film when it is done, as regardless of your own views on the death penalty in the US, it is not fair or right that people are tried unfairly and with gross miscarriages of justice.

Feel free to check out their ‘Thank You’ video here:

You can still donate if you want to and follow their progress as the film is made, and I will make sure that I keep you posted as well!

In the meantime feel free to check out their website:

Rebecca x

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