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For quite a while I was asked by law students and lawyers if I was going to properly start using my YouTube Channel.  So last year I started to use it a little bit more, and even more so this year!

YouTube is taking over right now, and you can’t travel through London without seeing the ‘Made For You’ adverts.

I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you all that I do have a YouTube Channel and I have so many videos to upload, and also a brand new series of short videos specifically for law student which I have been filming with a company.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Some of the videos I have had professionally filmed, such as the Q&A video and LITM promo video which I filmed in Manchester last year.

Lawyer In The Making YouTube Channel

I will continue to uploading some I have filmed myself, when I have the time to edit them.  In the meantime though I will be uploading videos each month that I have been filming with a company.  I create all of the content, they just film and edit them for me.

For a quick look at some of my new videos check out these two: Basic Advocacy Tips and also Why Law Students Should Attend Legal Events.

Please hit the subscribe button on my YouTube Channel so that you never miss a video, and don’t forget to share the link with friends, fellow law students and lawyers!

Rebecca x

Struggling with Advocacy?

Are you struggling with advocacy? Maybe you’ve just started mooting or mock trials and need a little bit of help?

I thought I would share 4 very basic public speaking tips with you on my YouTube Channel. Check it out here. I was very fortunate to undertake a lot of advocacy sessions during my LLB and have continued to do so whilst on the BPTC.  However, sometimes getting up and speaking whether to one person or a room full of people can be daunting.  It can be daunting if you don’t feel comfortable speaking out loud, or if you are unsure of what you are saying.

The tips in this basic advocacy video should help you feel more comfortable standing up and speaking in general!


Advocacy is a skill that is essential for any law student and aspiring lawyer.  However, sometimes it can be a little daunting especially when you are just starting out.  Not only do you have to speak in public, but you are learning new skills, such as how to speak in a Moot or make a bail application etc.

I strongly advise that all law students (no matter what you want to do for a career) get involved in advocacy at their university, whether that is mooting, mock trials etc. You can read why I think mooting (and advocacy in general!) is a rite of passage for all law students here.

Are you struggling with advocacy?

Are you struggling with advocacy?

If you enjoyed this video please do hit the subscribe button on YouTube, I have a lot more videos like this coming for both law students and lawyers.  I would also appreciate if you would share the link with any friends, fellow law students, lawyers who you think might be interested in the video!

Advocacy really is an essential skill for aspiring lawyers (and confidence is speaking and public speaking is a skill that is necessary for any career), so I hope that these 4 basic tips help law students combat some of the nerves they may be experiencing!

I love advocacy, and still do, but it isn’t always easy, and sometimes you just need to remember to breath.

Rebecca x

Olly Jarvis | Cut-Throat Defence | Q&A

I had the pleasure of being part of the Blog Tour surrounding the latest Olly Jarvis’ book, Cut-Throat Defence which you can purchase here.  This meant I read the book and was able to ask Olly some questions, and being the law geek I am, I decided to go down a very law related route.

Here is the brief Q&A:

Question 1

Could you briefly explain your background/legal career?

I grew up in London, then travelled the world for a few years before reluctantly coming back to do the Bar Finals. I headed north to Manchester for a second six months pupillage in 1993 and I’ve been there ever since. My practice has been exclusively criminal defence, right from the start. I’m now at Exchange Chambers.

Question 2

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Only in my dreams. Then one day I decided that if I didn’t try and make it a reality, it would be my biggest regret.

Question 3

You have a very unique writing style, where has this stemmed from?

To be honest, I have no idea! When I was called to the Bar we were told that ‘economy of language’ was the most important attribute of a barrister. Possibly, years of trying to cut to the chase in court has made me write fiction with the same brevity!

Question 4

Some of your chapters are very short, one page even, is this writing style preference or do you write chapters based on time?

I come from a family of actors. When I was a kid I used to draw and colour-in on the back of old scripts – maybe that’s why I write in a filmic style. I visualize the chapters as scenes in a movie which I hope adds pace to the story and pulls the reader along.

Question 5

When are you most inspired to write?

First thing in the morning, when I’m fresh – it doesn’t last long!

Question 6

Working in the legal sector can be very demanding, how do you find time to write?

It’s a constant battle – work, kids etc, but I try and get the train everywhere nowadays. A long journey to some far-flung court is a great time to write.

Question 7

So are any of the characters in the book, “Cut Throat Defence” based on people you have worked with or seen?

None of the characters are based on actual people or cases, but I am writing about what I know – the criminal justice system. It’s impossible to avoid drawing on past experiences and shadows of people I’ve met.

Question 8

How did you come up with the idea for the book?

I remember my first appearances in court – adrenalin pumping, the stress and the fear. I still get nervous, it’s a tough career. That’s what I wanted to get across in this novel.

Question 9

Did the story change much whilst writing?

Yes, the plot evolved over time and became more complex. After I finished the first draft, I went back to the manuscript, time and time again, weaving in new threads.

Question 10

What is your most and least enjoyable aspect of writing a book?

I hate the way it takes over your life, but seeing a great review from someone you’ve never met makes it all worth it. That can make a grown man cry!

Question 11

Why did you decide to make this an ebook, when your previous book, Death By Dangerous was paper copy?

My first book sold ten times more ebooks than print copies. That’s how crime fiction readers tend to read, I guess it’s cheaper. When I got an offer from my amazing digital publishing specialists, Canelo, it was a no-brainer. They have the industry expertise to sell my stories to a much wider audience. When you’re selling a download, which only needs the press of a button to purchase, there are literally, no boundaries to who you can reach.

Question 12

Have any skills you have developed whilst practising law helped you as a writer?

Yes, there are so many. Being disciplined, working to a deadline, having a strategy, thinking ahead.

Question 13

Are there any future books?

Yes, the sequel to Cut-Throat Defence, which is called The Unconvicted, also published by Canelo, will be out next year.

Question 14

Finally, who is your favourite crime writer?

No one compares to John Grisham, particularly his earlier novels.

And thanks for having me on your blog.

Do check out my post later on with a review of the book!

Rebecca x

Are you coming to the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference 2016?

I am so excited to be heading back to the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference 2016 in a few weeks time.  I had a great time last year, the sessions were really good, the exhibition was great and I got to meet some old friends and make some new ones.


Saturday 15th October 2016 at the Westminster Park Plaza, London.


There were early bird prices for quite some time but I am not sure if they still apply.  They might possibly still apply for students but not lawyers.  Check this out online though. (Click the image below to be taken straight to the page for all the necessary information).

So, are you coming to the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference?

If you haven’t booked a ticket yet or are considering whether you should attend then maybe check out some of my old blog posts about it from last year.

I met with lots of barristers and pupils whilst at the conference, and had some amazing conversations – so I definitely recommend it to barristers.

I would highly recommend students attending (whether you are LLB, GDL, LLM, BPTC), I personally had a great day, and I attended the sessions most suited to me, and they weren’t all the Young Bar related ones.

Click on the link below to be taken to the page where you can find costs and more information, including the sessions that are running.

Bar Council Annual Bar Conference

I am going to be tweeting all of my conference notes and general engagement tweets during the day (I don’t make notes any more at conferences I just tweet them all), so I am sorry if you get a bombardment of tweets from me on the 15th October.

If you are attending drop me a tweet, my twitter is @lawyer_inmaking (You can follow me by clicking here) and we can say hi etc.

I am really excited to be attending the Annual Bar Conference and Young Bar Conference and really hope it is going to be as good as last year was!

Rebecca x

*  Note this is not a sponsored post!

Lawyer In The Making is heading to Hong Kong

If you follow me on twitter or have liked my Facebook Page, then you will have just seen that I have announced that I have rebooked my trip to Hong Kong!

I was meant to go earlier in the year, but was unable to do so, so I am very excited to have managed to squeeze in a quick trip for work before 2016 is out.

Why Hong kong?

I have been approached by a few people to pop out and chat about work, plus as you know I am such a law geek, so I plan to visit some Universities and courts, and also attend some legal events (as well as sight see, and admire the beautiful Hong Kong Skyline *photo was taken from google*)

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I can’t share too much about the work I may or may not be doing right now but what I can tell you is that I will be visiting the Hong Kong Bar Association and the Hong Kong Law Society whilst I am there.  There will be diary entry posts when I am in Hong Kong and of course I will be tweeting and sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram too.  So if you aren’t following me on these platforms now is the time to do so.

I will also be visiting a couple of courts (yes I am that much of a law geek), and will definitely be sitting in on 2 sessions at the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, and I am fortunate that there is a criminal and civil procedure matter happening whilst I am over there.  I am also looking forward to visiting the High Court and the Competition Tribunal.

I am really excited to be heading to Hong Kong and to be going for work stills feels extremely surreal.  This year has felt like I have taken Lawyer In The Making and my digital marketing consultancy business on tour!

Thank you for your continued support of my blog, encouraging law students and prospective students on pursuing a legal career, and supporting lawyers with their digital marketing would never have happened if it wasn’t for your support!

Have you been to Hong Kong? Do you work or study there? Maybe you have some sight seeing recommendations? Let me know!

Rebecca x