Virtual Law Work Experience Programme – email

There has been a lot of interest in my Virtual Law Work Experience Programme which I am so excited about.  I sent around an email this week which you can check out here.

Don’t forget that the programme runs all year and there may be offers going up throughout the year with money off codes.

Whilst you are on my website or newsletter make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, that way you can stay up to date on all the blog posts I share as well as events I will be running, and some other exciting bits and pieces I have planned for this year.

Plus I will be sharing discount codes for the work experience programme on there too!

As you are aware I have created the Virtual Law Work Experience Programme to cover the whole of the United States (rather than just New York which is where I undertook mine with the company that no longer exists).  I am hoping to expand this programme and potentially branch out to other countries as the year goes on.

Part of the programme enables you to write some content for law firms all over the United States on various legal topics, benefitting them but also giving you exposure to new areas of law, developing your research and writing skills as well as making some great connections.

Don’t forget that you can email me if you have any questions on the programme, the types of work you would be doing, a more in-depth breakdown of the skills you will be gaining or developing or any other questions you have.

I had the best time when I undertook the programme a few years ago, and because I gained so much from doing it, plus I always get asked about it in interviews, so when I realised the company I was telling you to go and look at didn’t exist anymore, I created my own programme.

Where in the world you would like to undertake some work experience from (from the comfort of your own home)?


Update – June 2016

This weekend I decided to sit and write my June update for you all.  So much has happened over the last 6 months, and even the last month and I wanted to share as much as I could of that with you.

I have been travelling a lot, speaking at events for lawyers and law students on social media and blogging, and the benefits of these.  I have been running lots of training sessions on these topics as well, as well as writing lots of content for law firms, whether that is blog content or website content.

The last few months I have also been writing social media strategies, content strategies and also speaking on panels.  As well as managing a couple of social media platforms.

I have also been helping lawyers, law firms and law students with their LinkedIn profiles and company pages.  I have been creating reports containing ways to improve your engagement as an individual or company.  I have been rewriting summaries, and also company pages, and showcase pages.  I absolutely love helping lawyers with improving their LinkedIn pages both individually and their company profiles.  LinkedIn is a great resource for sharing news and updates, making connections, potentially finding jobs, and lots more!

Read my full update here.

I have also travelled a lot as mentioned above and there will be the odd blog post going out about my travels, such as must sees in various locations, and some of my business travel tips.  Don’t worry though, this blog won’t be turning into too much of a lifestyle blog, just sharing the odd insight in between my law related posts.   Places I have been to for work so far this year: The Hague, Berlin and Barcelona.  Places I am going to this year: Hong Kong, Melbourne, Boston and Washington DC.

By way of a random update can you believe that it is exactly a year ago since I spent 3 weeks exploring the west coast of America.  I had an amazing time and will try and reshare some links to posts and photos over the coming weeks, especially the amazing law related things I got up to, such as The California Women’s Law Center – Pursuit of Justice Awards, Alcatraz, visiting Santa Barbara Courthouse to name a few.

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so that you never miss a newsletter or important update.  I have a big update coming this week which I am extremely excited to share with you all.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about the work I do.. how I run the sessions? locations? Costs?

Rebecca x

Radio Podcast Link – Live

Just letting you all know that the podcast link is now live, just incase you didn’t get a chance to listen in to the radio show as it aired live.

Thank you once again to Star Radio and The Business Hub specifically for having me in to speak.  I had a brilliant time, and rather surprisingly really like  radio interviews.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts on some of the things I said surrounding the topic of women networking groups then please let me know.

I realise that my views might be slightly unfavourable to some people, but I am strong believer that as business owners, employees, students and employers we can benefit from the advice, support and mentorship from both men and women, and that creating groups just for women, does not help the push to for equality, it broadens the gap.

Creating groups solely for women, means that tensions build, and an uneasy atmosphere is potentially created.  Why do women even need their own set of groups?  There are plenty of business and networking groups that are open to all genders and are beneficial.

I strongly believe that there would be complete and utter uproar if men started creating male specific business and networking groups, and I did a very quick Google search on my way to the radio station and I could not find any.  However there was a plethora of women’s only ones.

Surely in this time for change, we should be encouraging unity, encouraging women to attend these non-gender specific groups, rather than segregating them further.

Why do we have to support and encourage women by only offering them help from other women? Why can’t men act as great mentors, friends, advisors etc.?

In a push to make the world free from inequality, these gender specific groups are not helping.

What are your thoughts? Should these gender specific groups for women exist? Would you be offended if men started setting them up as well?  Let me know!

Rebecca x

Listen to me on the radio now!

You may remember that on Monday I was in Star Radio again and we were recording an episode of The Business Hub, all about women in business and women’s networking and business groups.

We didn’t have to edit any of the recording or redo any of it (luckily) but if you want to have a listen please do click this link and you can listen to it as it airs for the first time.  It is on from 9-10am and I would love it if you checked it out.   If the link above does not work you can always head on over to the website and click the LISTEN button.

The podcast will be going up later today so don’t worry if you can’t listen in now.

I also share some of my networking tips, how to make the most of group sessions, and other useful hints and tips for those attending events.

What are your thoughts on women in business/networking groups? Does it segregate them further? Are you a member of a women’s only group? Let me know your thoughts.

Rebecca x

Register To Vote – 3 Hours To Go

This is your final reminder from me here at Lawyer In The Making…. you have 3 hours to head onto the website and vote.

You can read my two previous blog posts on this here and here which will you give you the lowdown on how to vote, why the deadline was extended and all of the details you need.

One thing that did slightly bother me about the extension being granted, is that whilst the website should not have crashed… why were so many people leaving it until the last hour or two to register?  They have known for ages that they need to register if they want to vote (and they aren’t already registered) so why did they leave it until the last moment.

I do however think that it is important that everyone who is eligible to vote should be registered, and voting! Not just for the EU referendum, but all the other times we have a right to vote.

Don’t forget to register tonight!

Rebecca x