YouTube Videos Round Up

YouTube Videos Round Up

Why have I written a YouTube videos round up post?

Well… I am really enjoying filming some new content and videos for my YouTube channel and if you read my blog you will know I recently uploaded a post and video titled ‘Where have I been?’.  This blog and video discussed my plans for my YouTube channel going forward and what content I will be sharing.  The content will be for law students and lawyers, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime I thought I would do a quick round up of some of the videos I have uploaded so far.  Every link will open in a new tab, so you can watch the video with ease and then come back to this post.

What is Lawyer In The Making?

When I first gave me blog a design overhaul (quite a few years ago), I decided I wanted a short video explaining what you could expect from my blog.  I still love and use this video (even if it looks a little old now) plus I was determined to make sure the butterfly made it in to the video.

My Q&A Video

I pulled together a few of the frequently asked questions I receive on a regular basis, and answered them in a YouTube video.  This video is what sparked further videos being created, seeing as you liked this one so much, and gave me such lovely feedback.   I cover frequently asked questions about my career, my blog and why I blog!

My new promo video

This is my new promo video, it contains me answering a couple of the frequently asked questions that I covered in my Q&A video.  It is great to use at events or just to share with people if they want a quick overview of what this blog is about!

Does LinkedIn Still Work?

I believe it still has a massive role to play in terms of online engagement for lawyers and law students.   See my thoughts here.

25 Random Facts About Me

This video helps you get to know me (the girl behind the blog) a little bit better.  I always try and keep my content personal but professional.  I keep my private life private, but always try and be approachable and friendly in the content I share, as well as honest.  This video gives you a little insight into the things I love, my upbringing, the sorts of holidays I love and what I get up to in my spare time.  As well as my love for Costa Hot Chocolate and crime/law related box-sets.

Stressing About Advocacy?

Public speaking does not always come naturally to us.  Getting up and speaking in front of your class, or even in an advocacy task can be daunting.  Here are 4 basic tips to help calm those nerves and make you feel more confident.

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Get in the Lawyer Mindset | Attend Legal Events

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms (or read my blog regularly) then you will know I am a massive advocate of law students attending legal events.  Whether that is a seminar on a legal topic of interest, a public lecture, a conference – it is really important you try as law students attend some.  Watch more on this here.

How do you follow up with people after an event?

In this video I share some of my top tips for following up with people you have met at events.  Whether they told you to email them, or send across a CV etc.  here are my tips for ensuring you do it well!

Law Students | How to use Twitter like a pro

If you have been following me for a while, then you will know that Twitter is my go to platform for all things law.  It is the one I recommend law students and lawyers use, whether for research, news or engagement.  I pulled together some of my top tips for law students, on how to use twitter like a pro – check it out here.  Oh and I guess I can shamelessly plug my own twitter here, so give me a follow!

5 Top Tips For Using Twitter (Law Firms)

This video contains 5 very simple tips to help you use twitter better.  The content isn’t just applicable to law firms though, they are useful for tips for lawyers and law students.

5 Further Tips For Using Twitter 

In the interests of you, I didn’t want to make a stupidly long video (no one has time to watch that right?) so here are 5 further twitter tips!

My 2017 Law School Mission

You will see from my tweets that I find it really frustrating when law schools aren’t utilising social media or their websites properly.  It is great way to engage better with their current students, other law schools and potential students.  Check out my 2017 law School mission here.

Are you having problems at University?

Studying law can at times be challenging and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.  Equally if you are having problems at university or at home and these things are impacting on your studies then you need to speak to someone.  Speaking to someone at your university can help get the problem resolved a lot quicker, even if it is just some additional support, a deadline extension or an acknowledgement that the fact the heating is never on will be looked into! Watch this video here.

I hope you enjoying checking out my YouTube Videos Round Up, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel whilst you are on one of my videos. Alternatively click here and then subscribe.  It just means you never miss an new video.

Should I create another YouTube Videos Round Up post in six months time?

Rebecca x

p.s. Don’t forget you can learn more about how to use social media on my 7 day online social media school, which only costs £70.  You can work through it in your own time, it covers the basics, but some more advanced bits as well – helping you to feel more confident using social media in the legal sector.

Let’s talk… FRU

As a law student you will no doubt be encouraged to do some volunteering or pro-bono, and the name FRU will be mentioned a lot.

What is FRU?

FRU is the Free Representation Unit.  They are an independent charity which was established back in 1972.  They rely on volunteers.  These volunteers represent clients in the Employment Tribunal and the Social Security Tribunal in London and the South East.

If you are wondering how work gets referred to FRU for consideration, then check out the website as it has a great section all about the referral process.

As well as doing what they do, they also comment on public consultations and a big topic of conversation at the moment is Legal Aid.  You can check out some of their reports and comments on various legal reforms, consultations and more here.

What does a volunteer do?

If a volunteer can assist in a particular matter they can prepare the case for trial and attend the hearing with the client as their advocate.   Law students (who make up most of FRU’s volunteers) are selected, trained and supervised by full time staff.  For more information about volunteering, read up on the process here.

All the information on the necessary training days, requirements, fees etc. can be found here and it is recommended you look at dates and availability.

Why is volunteering great for law students?

Volunteering is a great way to give something back but also develop your own skills.

There are also plenty of other organisations that take volunteers, not just FRU.  In one of my LITM Q&A Interviews Josh Levy talked about some pro bono work he did and the benefits to him.  You can read more about it on the Josh Levy interview.

Rebecca x


Netflix Haul – Autumn 2017

It is time for a Netflix Haul.

It seems everyone is always talking about the various TV programmes and documentaries on Netflix, so I thought I would share a few now.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the sorts of programmes Netflix has available, then it is films, documentaries, boxsets of all genre types.

In terms of law and crime related programmes, there is a mix of true stories and fiction.   Plus the perks of Netflix mean they also make available some old classics.  The list of older documentaries and crime related TV series is amazing, and some you probably haven’t seen in years.

So if you fancy whiling away Autumn evenings, being super cosy at home whilst watching something with a law or crime element to it then here are a few suggestions.  All of the titles below are clickable links incase you want to find out more.

Netflix Haul


First up let’s talk Narcos.  A good friend of mine recommended it to me, and I am hooked.  There are three seasons already to view, so I have quite a lot of viewing time left.  It is a fictional series about a drug chemist in Chile, and the war against drugs etc.  If that is your kind of programme it is so worth a watch.

The Confession Tapes 

A Netflix Original, looking at confessions made by those who did not even commit the crimes.  This programme was always going to make it into my Netflix Haul. Americans have always loved a good crime drama and documentary, even a podcast, and that seems to have increased even more since Making A Murderer. The idea that you can sit at home and piece together the facts and hopefully come to the same conclusion as the police or lawyers is fascinating for some.

The Confession Tapes is a new series from journalist (and frequent documentary specialist) Kelly Loudenberg – and it is set to be the next binge-able crime obsession both here in the UK and abroad.

Simply, it is a seven-part indictment of the American criminal justice system, looking at the trust people put in law enforcement, the clear problems with assuming who is guilty and coercing people to confess – and the reasons why people confess to crimes they didn’t even commit.

Deadly Women

This TV programme explores both the mentality and motives of some of the world’s most deadly women, with the heading reminding everyone that it isn’t just men who commit heinous crimes.

How To Get Away With Murder

Now I have seen all of these already on Sky, and am up to date on the latest series.  But, if you are slightly behind the times, and haven’t yet watched How To Get Away With Murder, then watch Season 1 and 2 on Netflix now!  You won’t regret it.  I am forever watching the latest episode wishing law school was like that for me (minus the being involved in a few murders part).  I love the American style of learning and it was always on my list of places to study as a child (in the short term) and spending the day at various American law schools last year, only made me love it more.

Babies Behind Bars

Babies Behind Bars was released back in 2011, so I imagine that some of you will have already watched it when it first aired.   It follows the stories of a handful of inmates who deliver their babies behind bars.  They are then are allowed to stay with their newborns in a prison maternity wing.  I remember watching this a few years back, and it was quite emotional.


Another Netflix Original, this 2017 fictional TV Series looks at two FBI Agents in the 1970s who explore criminal science by delving into the psychology of murders! Plus they get up close and personal to the murders. This has received amazing reviews so far and looks like a series you can really get into.

Amanda Knox

A 2016 Netflix Original, which delves into the twice acquitted of murder story of Amanda Knox.  One of the alleged crimes which had worldwide press coverage for many many years, this documentary sees her, and those closest to her talk about it all.

Lockup: Disturbing the Peace

A 2017 documentary series looking at life inside prisons, from both the inmates and guards perspective.  There are already lots of programmes on this topic already, both on mainstream TV/Sky based on UK and US prisons. I imagine this will be no different in terms of what is discovered/shared.    However, it is always nice to get the low down on life inside prisons.  There are 20 episodes in this particular documentary series. 

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Have you watched any of the programmes above? There are just too many good things available to watch on Netflix, so I will do another Netflix Haul post soon.

Rebecca x

p.s. I can’t really mention Netflix and not refer to Making A Murderer can I? It still seems some people haven’t heard about it or watched it.  You can read a blog post about it here.  It really was a TV series that took the world by storm, looking at the police investigations into the murder of 

Jo Frost on Britain’s Killer Kids

You know I love a good crime drama or documentary so when I saw an advert for ‘Jo Frost on Britain’s Killer Kids’ I just had to share it with you.

If you have Sky, it is on the Crime & Punishment Channel on Sunday or Monday nights at 10pm.

What is Jo Frost on Britain’s Killer Kids about?

Each episode of ‘Jo Frost on Britain’s Killer Kids’ explores a different case.  She examines the case but also meets with experts (including criminologists and reports) and some of the people closest to the family or victim.  The experts help shed light on child behaviour in general, but also the psychology of the child in the case.  The people closest to the crimes help tell the tragic stories that unfolded and whether there were red flags in the years/months preceding the murders.

Jo Frost explores some of the following questions:

  • What is it that drives a child to kill?
  • Why do some people believe that there are those who are pure evil from birth?
  • When is a child criminally responsible for their acts?
  • Should a child of ten years old be convicted of murder

These questions are quite difficult and challenging for some to answer, or at least get their head around. Lots of people have their own views on criminal responsibility and children, when it should come into place, the types of crimes etc.

So who is Jo Frost?

You might recognise her name if you have watched mainstream UK TV over the last 10 years or so.  Jo Frost has over 26 years experience working with children, and she has headed up shows such as SuperNanny, SuperNanny US and many more.

It will be really interesting to hear Jo’s experience and knowledge come through when discussing such harrowing events.  It is very often hard to believe that children are capable of doing something like this, but sadly it does happen.

Episode 1

Episode 1 looks at the case of Daniel Bartlam, who killed his mother Jacqueline in 2011. Daniel was 14 at the time he committed the murder.  If you are wondering if you recognise the name, and there was a lot of press coverage at the time, it might be because he was obsessed with a hammer murder from Coronation Street.

Are some children just born evil? Do all of these children that commit such horrendous crimes have mental illnesses? Do they know the difference between fact and fiction? Are they aware of right and wrong?

I am really excited to see what this programme looks at and examines.  Will you be watching Jo Frost on Britain’s Killer Kids? Let me know!

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Rebecca x

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Facebook Live | Law Student Group

Facebook Live | Law Student Group

I jumped on Facebook Live to talk all about my new Law Student Group.

Have you read any of my recent email newsletters? Have you been on my Lawyer In The Making Facebook page recently? Then you will have definitely seen me talk about the free Facebook Group I have created for law students.

Facebook Live | Law Student Group

Law Student Group

Yesterday went live on Facebook quickly on the Lawyer In The Making page to talk a bit more about the group.  The video included useful information regarding who the group is for.  As well as how to get involved and also what you can expect from the group.

The group isn’t just for me to share content and start discussions (though I will be doing that a lot).  It is a space for everyone to engage with other students.  Law Students from all over the world, studying different legal topics and areas and living in countries where laws are different.

Where can I watch the Facebook Live?

Check out the video here.

I will also be going ‘live’ a lot in this group.  Covering topics such as CVs and Cover Letters through to study tips, how to get work experience, what you should be doing whilst studying and lots more.

Don’t forget to request to join the Facebook group, plus the link is in the comments section of the video.

I am really excited to grow the Law Student Group and create a platform where we can share, discuss,  ask questions and support one another.

How can you help me grow the Law Student Group?

Please do share this post with your fellow law students and also tag them in the comments on the video above so that they like the Lawyer In The Making Facebook Page (and don’t forget to join the Law Student Group).

Excited to have you be part of the Law Student Group and keen to get to know you better!

Rebecca x