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What is Lawyer In The Making?

Lawyer In The Making is my blog which I started at the very end of December 2012 (31st December to be precise!).  It started as a basic WordPress blog, but after growing in popularity very quickly I made the decision to make it a little more professional and so Lawyer In The Making was created (don’t worry, I copied all my old blog posts across!).  

Technically I have been blogging about all things law and my studies/career since 2009/2010 in various forms. It is not all law though, it is study tips, technology, events, travel, books, TV programmes, lifestyle tips and more!

You can check out my older Lawyer In The Making video here, which explains a little more about what it is.

Whilst growing up it was near on impossible to undertake work experience with barristers, so I spent a lot of summers working with solicitors and gaining experience from them, though all of that still has not changed my mind on my final career path, and I endeavour to be a barrister in the next 5 years.

Over the past 10 years I have been fortunate enough to undertake a number of mini pupillages which have been extremely beneficial in gaining insight into the career as well as tips and knowledge that I will be able to develop for myself in the years to come.

Getting shortlisted in the UK Blog Awards 2015, and making it into the Top 10 in two categories was amazing (and very surreal). Then to be nominated as a Top 10 Rising Star in Law in 2017 was very surreal – but I met some lovely people along the way!

I really hope to use the tools and knowledge I have picked up from these, as well as legal events and advocacy training to help some of you!

I am so grateful to each and everyone of you that reads my blog posts, shares them, engages with me, you really make blogging an absolute pleasure.

Where else can you find Lawyer In The Making?

Just click on the links below to follow me or connect with me on these platforms.

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You can check out lots of videos that I have created over on my YouTube Channel here.

Why not watch my professionally filmed Lawyer In The Making Q&A Video, or some of my twitter tips for lawyers videos.

Rebecca x

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