Day 11 #janlawblogpost

So today’s slightly strange law comes from Japan and it involves certain types of over-the-counter medicines, including inhalers, allergy medication and medication for sinus problems.

It is illegal to take into Japan certain medicines which fall under the above categories, specifically products that contain stimulants (any medicine that contains Pseudoephedrine) which includes, Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks.

It is also illegal to take into Japan any medicines that contain Codeine if that medicine contains more than the allowed quantity of stimulant raw materials.

According to the law on this, you are allowed to take, up to a two-months’ supply of allowable over-the-counter medication and up to a two-months’ supply of allowable vitamins into Japan.

These laws seem slightly strange but after doing some wider reading it seems that Japan is very hot on the over-use of stimulants (even in medication).

You can read more about this law here.

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