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Crime Bites. Interested in crime? Love podcasts? Fascinated by criminology?

Then Crime Bites might be for you.. actually there is no ‘might be’ about it… Crime Bites will definitely be for you.

So what is Crime Bites?

Crime Bites is a podcast by criminologist Professor Elizabeth Yardley.  If you love all things crime, criminology and watch documentaries then her name might sound familiar.  Thats because Elizabeth regularly features in crime based documentaries, giving her opinion or explaining why people do things etc.  She has been on Crimes That Shook Britain and also Britain’s Killer Kids, as well as others.

Crime Bites makes sense of crime, but also looks at society’s response to it.

Elizabeth Yardley is also a criminologist working at Birmingham City University and she specialises in the study of homicide and crime in the media. Combining the two you get the essence of her podcast, Crime Bites!

Crime Bites is a monthly podcast and it explores crime and society’s response to it.  The podcast draws on criminological ideas.

Other criminologists, from all over the country also feature on the podcast.  Elizabeth discusses with them some of the concepts used in their daily jobs, as well as trends, key cases and aspects of criminology that they are researching in more depth.  It also touches on programmes of interest, the media’s response and also societies response to crimes committed.

I really enjoyed listening to their discussion on various television crime dramas or documentaries – as someone that is a huge crime geek (when it comes to podcasts, books, TV series, documentaries) it is fascinating to know what other people think of them.  As well as what criminologists make of it – they (like lawyers) view things in a different way to people that don’t necessarily come from that field of work!


Should you listen to Crime Bites?

Yes – you can probably tell from how I have been writing that I really enjoy listening to this podcast.  The guests that are featured are always great and easy to listen to.  You feel like you are learning a lot whilst listening, but it is also an easy listen.  I get super excited when a new episode appears.

I also really liked the episode “Social Media Homicide Confessions: Stories of their killers and their victims”.  As you might have guessed, this episode looked at crimes where people had confessed their killings on social media.  The question was posed, “Is this only a recent thing?” because there are circumstances in history where people went to the papers etc.  It was interesting to hear their thoughts on the topic of social media confessions and changing times.

Other episodes have looked at tv programmes such as Doctor Foster, Mind Hunter etc.  They have also discussed crime related topics linked to sexting, websleuthing, prisons and even dating apps.

Do you like listening to podcasts? Do you like crime ones? Have you listened to Crime Bites before?

Rebecca x

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