On the radio in 20 mins…

I never thought the day would come where I had a blog post with a title like that but I am going to be on the radio at around 9am.

As you know on Tuesday I popped down to Cambridge and headed over to Star Radio Online http://www.starradioonline.com and spoke to Steve Elsom who runs the Business Hub channel/show http://www.starradioonline.com/the-business-hub.php

It is the only business based radio show in the area and I had a brilliant time!

I was extremely nervous beforehand but they made me feel very well.

I was talking about my blog and also motivation with my blog.

I was told before we started that if I really messed up an answer etc I could pause the tape and start that bit again, but I decided to keep going throughout – so no doubt the entire 12 mins is filled with a lot of “umm’s”.

If you want to hear about my blog please do feel free to have a listen, the show is on air today (26th July 2015) between 9 and 10am, and is repeated next Wednesday at 7pm I think.  The website also put up the recordings as podcasts so if you do want to check it out just head on over to http://www.starradioonline.com/the-business-hub.php and you will see the podcast (this will go up sometime after it has aired).  The podcasts also stay on there forever so I will let you have a link when it is up!

There is a post scheduled for later on about my day and the experience of being interviewed on a radio.

As it still feels a tad surreal and I am undecided whether I want to hear myself back – I know that if I do it will be a good learning tool for if I ever go on the radio (and hopefully another time I won’t be so nervous/anxious before hand).

Let me know what you think if you do give it a listen sometime!

Rebecca x

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