SourcedBox | January 2017

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@rebeccaalice91) you will know just how much I love receiving my SourcedBox box each month.


What is sourcedbox?

SourcedBox is a subscription box jam packed full of healthy food and snacks.  A complete mix of sweet and savoury, tea bags, breakfasts, supplements etc.

Every month is different and if you like healthy snacks then this is a great way to try new brands, and if you currently don’t eat so healthily then maybe this is a good way to get started.

why do i love receiving my sourcedbox each month?

It’s really nice to receive something in the post that you look forward to receiving.  It’s great to try new products and there is always something I like or look forward to trying.  Obviously there are some things I don’t like and that is to be expected, but normally there is someone I can pass the product on to.

You can buy a one-off or you can subscribe to receive a box each month, and if you click this link you can receive 15% your first product.

Honestly I wouldn’t share anything I didn’t either purchase or recommend myself as you know, and I really do like receiving the SourcedBox every month.

Do check it out their website if you are interested, but remember to use the link above if you want to receive 15% off.

Rebecca x

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