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Today is Amazon Prime Day and I thought I would share the link with you to Amazon Prime in case you wanted to check out any of their amazing deals that they have on offer specifically today.

As you will all know already, Amazon runs discounts all year on their products, which is great for law students who need to purchase books, and it is just great in general for anyone who wants to purchase brand new items with a little bit of a discount.

what is amazon prime?

I was fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime for the last year, which means that I receive free next day delivery and sometimes even free same day delivery, as well as access to all of the Amazon Prime TV and Movies.

Prior to having Amazon Prime I was a frequent Amazon purchaser, and I would regularly buy University books, random law books, DVDs, boxsets, CDs etc.  Delivery is already pretty decent with normal Amazon Delivery and you can obviously choose to pay for Next Day or Special Delivery with individual items anyways for anything urgent.  However, the overall cost of Amazon Prime for the year, isn’t overly expensive and I now regularly grab bits on their for my sisters and family, so the cost is well worth spending.

As previously mentioned this isn’t a sponsored post, and I have not been asked to share any of this with you.  I just thought I would promote a product that I really enjoy using, and has been a benefit to me over the last year.

I do love buying books from bookstores, and wherever possible try to do so, but sometimes that isn’t practical, and sadly there is a shortage of law bookshops in the UK, and carrying bags full of books home isn’t always a great idea.

amazon prime day deal

Click on any of the links above to be taken to the Amazon website where you can check out some of the amazing deals they have on today, as well as access the 30 day free trial.  You can choose to have the 30 day free trial at any time of the year, so maybe check it out when you plan to order your university textbooks!

Rebecca x


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