Amazon Prime Day – 12th July 2016

I am super excited for Amazon Prime Day.  As many of you may know I do love Amazon whether I am buying university books, DVDs (yes I do love watching a box set the traditional way) or anything my sisters or family need.

I have been fortunate enough to have Amazon Prime for the last year and it is great having next day delivery – for any of you that do use Amazon you will know that normal delivery is really good anyways.

Amazon Prime Day
Amazon Prime Day

This isn’t a sponsored and I have not been asked to say anything about Amazon, but they do have some great deals on brand new products, even law textbooks and crime TV dramas (I always buy everything brand new) and there is a never a problem.

If you have been watching TV over the last few weeks you will know that Amazon Prime Day is taking place next week, on the 12th July 2016, there are going to be some amazing deals and discounts and it is worth checking out.

Plus Amazon Prime does let you have a 30 day free trial, just remember to cancel before the time frame runs out.

Check out any of the links above to access Amazon Prime and if you do want the 30 day free trial do check it out, it might be handy for ordering university textbooks etc.  Especially if you happen to want to make a head start on any reading you need to do or just want to be super organised (subject to your University issuing you reading lists already!).

The 30 day trial is year round, so you could always start in September if you prefer.

Rumour has it that their Amazon Prime Day is going to be amazing, with some great discounts and I will definitely be checking them out.  Do make sure you check it out on the 12th July.

Rebecca x


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