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The Green Army Just Giving page is still live, and you can still support the team.  They cycled from Carcassonne to Barcelona at the end of May and I was able to go and meet them right at the end and spend the evening with them!

They cycle for such a great cause and have been doing so for such a long time, but any money which can be donated is greatly received and makes a huge difference to Bloodwise and everyone battling various forms of blood cancer and blood related illnesses.

If you have been inspired to pick a bike and potentially get cycling, you can always join the Green Army Team on their next bike ride, it is not exclusive to Lloyds Bank employees, as this was an organisation set up outside of Lloyds (it just happens that the 3 founders are Lloyds Bank employees) and this year there were lots of people on the team from various companies.

They even had someone on the team who had previously undertaken a ride with Discover Adventure which the Green Army team were on and really liked the way they supported one another and so he asked to join the team! Plus you get a special team cycling shirt for each ride you participate in!

These charity bike rides are just that, charity rides.  They are challenging but they are totally doable.  It isn’t a race and everyone supports each other, from those who have days where they struggle, to punctures, injuries and broken bikes!  You will be pleased to know there were no injuries on this ride, and only a couple of punctures and one broken bike!

At the dinner afterwards I was listening to so many stories about how members of the team hang back to support one another when climbing the various mountains.

I really love supporting the Green Army team, and they are a great bunch of people, who work hard and ensure that everyone completes the ride – plus you all cycle to the finish line together!

Please do donate if you can (and forego that morning Starbucks or Costa run), if all of my followers on my blog donated just £3.00, then an extra £9000 could be raised, not including social media followers.

Rebecca x

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