“America’s most controversial punishment is running into trouble. The Penalty is a feature film that finally paints the true picture behind the headlines.”

This was a quote taken from the website for the upcoming film The Penalty.

A few of you already know that a little while ago I went on some training with Amicus (an organisation that assists lawyers working on death row cases).   I am going to be putting up a blog post shortly on this.  Whilst at the Amicus training we were played a few videos from a series called One For Ten http://www.oneforten.com (and these can be watched on YouTube) and I would highly recommend that all of you check them out – regardless of your views on the death penalty, everyone is entitled to a fair trial and not be a victim to miscarriages of justice.

So I was really pleased to come across The Penalty on twitter and was fortunate enough to start up a conversation about their new film which is mid way through production at the moment.  Please do go on check out more information here : http://www.thepenaltyfilm.com

The Penalty is being made by the same people that made the One For Ten series of films, and I can’t recommend them enough.

They are mid way through filming but like the One For Ten films, these are filmed on a budget and they really do need your help to carry on – so if you can pledge any money whatsoever on KickStarter by 6th December then I know they will be so grateful.  Do check out there Kick Starter page here bit.ly/PenKick and like all Kick Starter pledges there are a number of ways they are giving back to you for you making a pledge.

Everyone considers the US to be bigger and better in all aspects but at the moment there is so much debate on this topic area, and it is fundamental something is done.  I was shocked to see that even today race still plays a massive impact on death penalty statistics, but equally how so many are treated to unfair trials and outright miscarriages of justice.  In this day and age this shouldn’t be happening, and whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the death penalty, innocent people shouldn’t be convicted and killed for crimes they did not commit.

So if you can give up your money coffee commute and pledge that money, or even £1 to this film being made, I know you won’t regret it.

By all means check out the One For Ten videos, they were amazing to watch and even if you aren’t interested in law I still recommend them, plus this topic area is only going to get more and more prevalent over the coming weeks, months and years as America is torn over what to do.

“In 2014, America’s death penalty is in a state of emergency. This film traces the human impact behind the headlines.”

So please do what you can to ensure this film is made and follow them on twitter @thepenaltyfilm

I will be getting some more blog posts up on this film and also my assisting lawyers death row training shortly but with the deadline being the 6th December I wanted to get this up quickly.

Rebecca x

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