The Minnie Mouse hoody photo is no more….

So, lots of you have commented on the fact that my photo on my blog was me in a Minnie Mouse hoody…


Well that photo has gone, if I am totally honest I forgot that that was the photo that was up (as I typically access my website the back way), and that photo was what we put up as we were creating the new site two years ago, it was a test photo, and I completely forgot to change it!

Though over the last few months, I get comments and messages on the end of emails regarding the Minnie Mouse hoody, and as much as you all seem to like it, I thought it was probably time it was changed (especially as it was never meant to really be up there in the first place!), and so during my business meeting with Mogul the other week we changed it to one of the photos taken in Manchester last year (more on that soon), so my new photo is…


At least that photo is somewhat more professional!  Though at least by having this post, the Minnie Mouse hoody remains somewhere on the website!

Rebecca x

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