Diary of a Part Time BPTC Student – Part 18

So I am sat writing this weeks  #diaryofaptbptcstudent in Middle Temple library.  I have had a few meetings this morning at various places on Fleet Street, and now I am just catching up on emails and a little bit of Professional Ethics work.

It is absolutely freezing in London at the moment, but I am sat by the window in Middle Temple and the sun is blaring in, and it is so hot here!

I had a very jam packed BPTC weekend last week, on Saturday we had our first and only civil advocacy brief, civil litigation, professional ethics and also opinion writing/drafting.  We have done a few sessions of opinion writing but started drafting last weekend.  After these 4 sessions we then had our first conference session (which was the one from December).

Sunday was professional ethics, criminal litigation, conference 2, drafting 2.  It was a very tiring weekend, but luckily criminal finished early (like it always does, so we had a little longer at lunch to have a break).

I was pleasantly surprised with how conference has gone, our first brief was a crime one, and the second a civil.  I really liked them both and luckily seem to be doing really well in the classes (according to my written feedback) – let’s hope this continues!

That was it in terms of Professional Ethics classes before the exam in March, I don’t feel like we have had many classes for Professional Ethics.  We had 3 last year I think and then these two… and there are always the dreaded rumours about pass rates on the Professional Ethics module (which is set by the BSB).

I will speak to you next week!

Rebecca x

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