America 2015!

So this post isn’t legal related as such but thought I would share what I am going to be up to next month as I am extremely excited and no doubt my twitter will be full of photos!

So.. in June I am off to the West Coast of America for 3 weeks, by myself.  I am so excited but so nervous at the same time.  I am quite shy so this is a way of me getting out of my comfort zone but also having a once in a lifetime holiday and it is sort of a celebration to the fact that I have finished university and also for being nominated as a finalist in the UK Blog Awards!

I can’t wait to go and do a mix of sight seeing and sunbathing, and hope you all don’t mind the photos on twitter.. I will be visiting Alcatraz and as that is ‘legal related’ I will do a post on that for you when I am back.

There will be various posts scheduled to go up whilst I am away which I am busy working on at the moment.

So I will be posting a lot of posts this month with the #maylawblogpost but also random ones as well, and there will be posts going up in June whilst I am away.

I am so looking forward to going to Alcatraz and can not wait to tell you all about it in a blog post when I get home!

Rebecca x

P.S. I still can’t quite believe I am actually going.   I am one of those people that love going through security at the airport as it officially means I am going on holiday, and whilst I have done flights by myself..I have never flown for the duration I will be flying for in June by myself, and also the fact that I will be totally on my own from the moment my dad drops me off on the airport is quite daunting (so whilst watching various films and box sets on my long flight I plan to do some writing and planning blog posts for when I am home!)

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