Panorama: Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed

Have any of you watched this?  It aired on the BBC last night.

It seems to have caused a massive stir on social media and the news and I am going to write a full blog post soon about this, but in the meantime, do give it a watch and let me know what you think.

The brief overview on the website was:

“BBC Panorama goes undercover to expose harrowing evidence of children and young people being hurt and threatened by custody officers who are supposed to protect them. 

Secret filming at a privately run youth prison, paid more than £10m in 2015 by the government to provide high-quality education and to rehabilitate some of the most vulnerable youngsters in the prison system, reveals some officers mistreating their charges and many more tolerating the behaviour or even helping to cover it up.”

Today whilst driving around to meetings I have heard extracts of it played on the radio and some of the content is definitely quite distressing and not pleasant to listen to.  I will be watching this soon and will then write a full blog post on it.

Rebecca x

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