So I wouldn’t normally post something like this but you may remember that a few weeks back I wrote two posts on mental health in particular about the Stranger on the Bridge documentary (links:  Post 1 – http://wp.me/p4pPCf-eW and Post 2 – http://wp.me/p4pPCf-fe)

I had really good feedback from these posts and it got me thinking that this summer I might do a couple more posts on mental health in particular with the legal profession as there are always scary statistics about law and mental health, but I am very well aware that mental health isn’t just for lawyers and it can impact on absolutely anyone in any circumstance and for any reason, and so many of us (if we aren’t sufferers ourselves) know someone that has some form of mental illness, and there really shouldn’t be a stigma associated with it.

This is where Mind charity come in http://www.mind.org.uk ; there are loads of mental health charities who do amazing work to break down the stigma and also help those suffering but the reason I have chosen to mention this charity is because a fellow law student (who I met when she came and did work experience with us a few years ago) ran the Austrian 10K Women’s Run today to raise money for Mind.

Another reason I am sharing this, aside from the fact it is a worthy cause, is because Helen is a fellow law student and she has been studying abroad this year which is amazing! So feel free to check out her twitter @lm_helen and if you can spare any money this week and donate to her Just Giving page that would be amazing! And I know that every little bit really does help and make a difference, so if you all didn’t buy your hot drink on your way to work tomorrow morning and donated the £3 a lot of money would be raised.  Please check out Helen’s just giving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/Helen-LM/

Rebecca x


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