BPTC Scholarship Interview Day – walk around London

So as many of you know I had my Scholarship interview at Middle Temple the other week, and it happened to be such a bright and sunny day in London, that I decided to walk back to the office as I am only about a 10-15 min away.

As it was so lovely I took a few photos inside Middle/Inner Temple and thought I would share them with you:

IMG_1200 IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1196 IMG_1195 IMG_1198 IMG_1197 IMG_1192

I am a bit of a law geek, and so I do really enjoy just walking around inside Middle and Inner Temple (and would really recommend students do it too, plus sometimes people will stop and speak to you), what I really like is the old buildings, the little gardens and just the way it seems worlds away from the big skyscraper city buildings that are just a few roads away.

So I would definitely recommend having a walk around, even if you don’t end up speaking to anyone, plus Middle and Inner Temple is always quite busy, with plenty of people milling around during the day and evening.

Equally the same applies to Lincoln’s Inn and Grays Inn, both once again have stunning buildings and a sense of legal history!

Rebecca x

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