Writing for Freeman Harris/Trademark Hub

In November/December 2015 I was kindly contacted by Freeman Harris/Trademark Hub and asked to write some articles for them. Freeman Harris is a law firm and Trademark Hub is the intellectual property department of this company.  Freeman Harris specialise in immigration, personal injury , commercial law and wills & probate, while Trademark Hub does what it says on the tin!  My first article was all about Understanding Trade Mark Classes.

I have 5 articles that I have written that I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks/months and I hope you enjoy reading them, and find them useful!  If you are in a position to need a Trademark and can do this yourself, brilliant, if you think it is the sort of thing you would like some assistance with then there are plenty of companies willing to help, one being Trademark Hub.

Keep an eye out for the links to the posts!

Rebecca x

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A very exciting week ahead!