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So today my inboxes on various social media platforms (as well as my whatsapp) have been flooded with people sending me screenshots showing a picture of me on a Roll on Friday article.

You may remember years and years ago that I wrote a few blog posts about Roll on Friday, and some interesting/funny articles that they had shared.

Well today, on Roll on Friday, they featured a story about a parent who has got pretty involved in her son’s legal education through her social media accounts.  The reason I am featured, is because this particular parent happened to contact me ages ago via social media to ask some questions.

Lots of people have trawled through her social media history to find some of these tweets and comments.  Some of the tweets I have seen today so far about this story have been pretty harsh, and whatever you make of this parent’s actions, I am sure she had a good reason to do so, and she clearly just wants to be involved in her son’s education (rightly or wrongly).

If you do want to read the article you can access it here.

As always, Roll on Friday published this article, and Legal Cheek followed suit.

What have you been up to on a not so sunny July Friday?

Rebecca x

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