Last blog post of 2014

So I thought I would send an update (which I am sure many of you will read sometime over the next few days!).  I can’t believe I set up my blog two years ago to the day!  I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve.

I have been up to quite a lot of exciting things this year, and in particular the last few months, and I thought I would share a bit about them, and also mention that I have blog posts scheduled on these sometime in January.

  • If you have been following my blog you will know that I have been supporting The Penalty film, and part of the reason I found out about that film was because of attending Amicus training (I have a blog post ready and waiting to be uploaded in the next week or so on this)
  • I was very fortunate to attend a training session with Dominic Byrne (former Radio 1 Breakfast News Read, and voice    over etc) which I will definitely be uploading a blog post on in the New Year
  • I also went to my first big formal grown up legal training session with Tanfield Chambers
  • I can’t forget the UK Blog Awards nominations and being shortlisted for the finals
  • I have been on lots of interesting legal courses and events, such as the Pearson Law Express Day, and many other Inns of Court sessions
  • Networking with so many of you
  • Forming a lot of friendships through twitter – who knew twitter would be great for networking!
  • Final year at Uni – I can’t believe I have just finished my last ever term at Hertfordshire Uni and the LLB.
  • Representing Hertfordshire University in advocacy competitions again in the summer
  • Scholarship for BPTC to Middle Temple (as many of you know I want to be a Barrister so a few months ago I submitted my scholarship application to Middle Temple in preparation for the BPTC and Pupillage)
  • Starting my dissertation – after wanting to write a dissertation since before Uni started I am so glad to be writing one in my final year (I will all let you know more about it over the next few months)
  • Attending lots of great networking events
  • Being in a really good job right in the heart of London and the legal field
  • Lots of opportunities with my blog with book publishers etc and writing book reviews and articles for other websites

I have probably missed loads of legal related bits and pieces off here!

Have a great evening whatever you are up to this New Year’s Eve and I also hope you have a wonderful 2015!

Rebecca x

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