Wildy book store photos… Update

So now I have a proper working camera (and not just my phone!) I will be heading to both book shops sometime after my holiday to take some photos and do a few blog posts – just so you can all see how great it is and why you should use them!

I take loads of photos on my phone (and find the quality good) but I definitely missed having a functioning camera (after mine started to die last year). Plus when I go for random walks or I am going to various places in London or elsewhere I tend to just have my phone and snap away using that – which works absolutely fine! But I did feel that as I had asked to come in and take some photos that turning up with my IPhone wasn’t quite professional enough!

So keep an eye out (probably in August sometime) for some more blog posts on Wildy!

In the meantime I will be taking lots of photos on my new camera and putting it to the test here in the U.S. And I am sure it will get lots of use at home, in general and for LITM related stuff as well as events, trips and what not!

Rebecca x

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