Diary of a Part Time BPTC Student – Part 12

So it is that time of the week again, Wednesday night, and I am writing about some of the things I have done this last week.

I cannot not mention the Middle Temple Advocacy Weekend in this weekly round-up (but a separate blog post will follow in depth) put simply, it was an amazing weekend.   It was intense (as expected), enjoyable, informative and it flew by!  There aren’t the words to describe just how good it was!  I learnt a lot, from general advocacy tips to very very specific aspects of certain aspects of criminal proceedings.  The location was brilliant, the tutors were amazing (and some of which I have spoken a lot to on twitter, so was nice to meet face to face).   One of the main things I learnt was that preparation is fundamental, and that enables you to have greater confidence in your delivery.   I always knew preparation was important but that message was really drummed into us this weekend.  Another thing I learnt was how it is necessary to find your own way of doing things, as every barrister does things slightly differently and you can take their tips and advice and find the one that works for you.

So what else have I done:-

  • I had a very very exciting meeting with Thomson Reuters last week (more to follow soon).
  • I also met with one of the people behind Passle – I will be trying out the product they offer as it is a very exciting tool and one that lots of people are using and lots of law firms – it is basically a platform for short form content – so when you see a link or a phrase you like you can copy it and add a few of your comments and share that (it means people are posting regularly) plus it can also enable you to then use that content to write longer content!  I think this will be very useful as I regularly spot articles I want to share with you all – and I end up saving them up if I don’t have time there and then.
  • I have also been prepping for the first Moot of this academic year for me.  It is with BPP and I was surprised by the lack of people taking part!
  • I am also finalising prep work for my final weekend at BPP for 2015, it is 12/13 Dec, there is a lot to prep this month and also a lot or prep considering we haven’t had much help or guidance in Conference – one class on conference last month which explained the basics, and then this month we are doing one that is being recorded! No pressure!  I quite like how intense the course is and don’t expect to be spoon fed but sometimes a little help can go a very long way!
  • Also you may have seen last Thursday that I had a blog post published on the Bar Council website.  Check out my post and all links here: http://wp.me/p4pPCf-sV

I will update you further soon!

Rebecca x


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