Feeling like a “proper” blogger today!

This is a really random post but today whilst sat at the airport I kept thinking how I felt like a “proper” blogger!


After a quick look around the shops I headed to the lounge (as I was given a lounge pass with my ticket!) and I have ended up sat here looking out over the planes taking off whilst writing blog posts!

I don’t know what a “proper” blogger is or does or if they exist but I have spent the last hour and a half sat here blogging away and sending various emails about exciting plans for LITM!

It also makes me feel extremely grown up – in a weird way!

So my flight leaves in just over an hour and maybe it is because I am here on my own that I felt like writing some posts or maybe I do have the “blogging bug” (I think I have that already though!) but today has been super productive!

Also check out my current view (above) I don’t think I have ever left London and it have been so sunny.

Rebecca x






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