I got selected to attend The Royal Chapel!

So as you will have seen tomorrow I am off to Windsor (somewhere I go quite often) but this time it is for an Advocacy Weekend on the Great Windsor Estate.

One of the perks of going is that you may be able to attend the Royal Chapel on the Sunday morning – but lots of people request to go, and not everyone can attend, so names are randomly selected.  I have been waiting all day to see if I got an email to say I have been selected (as this is a once in a lifetime thing, and whether you are a regular church go-er or not, then it is worth attending) plus when the Queen is in Windsor which is very very often, she attends on a Sunday.

So when this email landed in my inbox about an hour ago, a tiny part of me screamed!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 22.17.16

There is one condition though, whilst I do have a space, it is subject to Royal Party Security letting me in on Sunday

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 22.17.06

I am so excited, we were already told that if we were given a place we need to wear appropriate clothing, bring money for the collection, some form of identification and that you cannot take large bags, cameras or phones into the Chapel.

As someone that goes to Windsor and has seen photos of inside the Chapel, I can’t wait to attend (and I may even get to see the Queen).  This is separate to St George’s Chapel which is the one next to Windsor Castle – St George’s Chapel – is open to visitors all week but not on Sundays.

I will let you know what it is like next week.

Rebecca x

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