Schools Consent Project

So as a BPTC Student and member of Middle Temple I heard about The School’s Consent Project, and was keen to get involved.

So a few weeks ago I headed to Hogan Lovells to meet Kate and have the training session.  Hogan Lovells were just letting everyone use the venue (but oh my, are there offices amazing, and I had heard rumours that the cookies were good – so I had to try them, and safe to say I wasn’t disappointed). 

Here is a link to the Schools Consent Project:

I am not going to talk much about it here as I am going to be uploading a post with information from Kate all about the project.  I am looking forward though to getting into schools and running the presentations and discussions as it is fundamental that students (and adults) understand what does and does not constitute consent, as well as knowing that it impacts guys and girls, the young and the old, and just because you know someone or are in a relationship with them, no still means no!

You have to attend one training session (and be legally qualified to some extent I believe) where you are given the necessary tools to go out into schools and deliver the class (with different content depending on the age range), you can find schools yourself, but also you will receive emails asking for volunteers at certain times for schools that have requested a presentation etc.

So please do check out the work of the Schools Consent Project, and by educating children from secondary school and up, we will hopefully ensure that the topic of consent is not something people find confusing but is very clear! 

Rebecca x

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