Here is a little bit of info about my Radio Interview

As you know a few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to talk about my blog and also motivation over on The Business Hub section of Star Radio.

When I got invited, I was extremely flattered but was worried that I wouldn’t have anything of value to say, and whilst I did want to say yes, part of me also wanted to say no as I was concerned that I would be a bit of a flop! Luckily I was convinced to just give it ago!

I spoke with Steve a couple of times on twitter and email before we met to record the show, and I did ask him if he could send me some questions so I could prepare answers and he just said that we would talk about my blog.  I now realise why, but at the time, not knowing what would be asked was making me extremely anxious, I was also worrying that I may take ages to answer questions or say something silly.

When I arrived at the radio station we spoke briefly for a few minutes and I was told how everything worked and that generally they just record it straight through, unless you mess up massively and they can re-record.

I survived my first radio interview (and was relieved that I didn’t have to ask for the recording to be stopped – and even more relieved that they didn’t stop me and ask for things to be done again!).  It was a brilliant experience and one I would actually love to do again if the opportunity arose.

I then realised why it was good to not have pre-planned answers, it was meant to be a conversation.  Obviously Steve had questions he wanted to ask me, but it wasn’t staged and in any particular order, it just flowed with the conversation – and actually that made me feel far more comfortable.  As I left I was worried I had said “umm” hundreds of times to give myself space to think of answers – but listening back to the radio recording I don’t think I did (all that advocacy practice must be paying off!).

I hope that people were able to take something useful away from what I said, whether that be about my blog or motivation (though I am definitely not considering myself as a motivational speaker!).

if you do want to give it a listen feel free to head on over to the Star Radio website and click on the recording for 26th July (I am fairly sure Lawyer In The Making is somewhere in the blurb for that week!).

Rebecca x

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