The Times | Student Offer

Why should law students check out The Times | Student Offer?

I love reading The Times, it is probably my go to newspaper in general but also the law section every week is really good.  What is even better is their online coverage.

You can get access online via the website, a smart phone and a tablet, plus Times+.

There are various other packages, and you can buy packages which enable you to pick up hard copies as well.

For me, having access to a newspaper online is amazing.  I can access it whenever, wherever and it is so helpful.  You can check out all of their packages here.

The Times | Student Offer

Whilst I don’t even think the monthly cost is overly expensive, they do have a student price.  It’s a bargain.  So if you have a spare £26 and a UniDays account then please do purchase this.  £26 for the year is nothing! Plus if you sign up you get unlimited access to The Times online, every year for 4 years if you pay the £26 each time.  That’s insanely good.

The Times | Student Price
The Times | Student Price

Do check it out, and even maybe consider adding it to the list of things you want for Christmas or Birthdays from people.  You won’t regret it.  Staying up to date is so important, and you shouldn’t just be staying up to date on legal news.  The news in general is so important, and it is necessary that you can demonstrate awareness.  As well as ascertaining if any impact on the legal sector.

Another great reason to have access via your phone is for all those interviews you might have.  You might get asked questions about recent news stories, or interesting articles you have read.  So you don’t need to panic and try and grab a copy of The Metro (or another freebie paper) on your commute, you can access The Times app on your phone and check out the news.

Rebecca x

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