Productive flight!

So even though I am on holiday I did plan on trying to finalise some details and plans for my summer LITM plans/ideas as well as organise my thoughts on some bits for later on this year/next year…. if I had time!

I am typing this whilst flying (I have about 2 and a half hours left to go) but this won’t go up until later on tonight.. But I have been seriously productive!

I love a list – and have made plenty of all my ideas and plans, as well as lots of detailed plans as well!

I am so excited for the summer and for some of the developments and new ideas I have planned and I can’t wait to reveal them all to you!

I hope to be able to pick up some of these plans and ideas at various times throughout my holiday as and when I get time… So I reckon my notebook will be coming on all my day trips with me – just incase I have any more ideas!

I even managed to write a few blog posts!

In the meantime this will be my first “live” post from America (currently somewhere over the Rocky Mountains).

Rebecca x

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