A very exciting week ahead!

I can’t believe it is September already, time is going scarily fast this year, but I have also been on countdown for this coming week for quite some time!

This week is exciting for two reasons:

  • Firstly, it is my graduation! I am so so excited to be finished with my LLB and this is the end of that chapter and means the start of the BPTC.  As you may remember me saying a little while ago my graduation (which usually takes place in November was brought forward to September) which is pretty handy seeing as the law students have the 7pm shift this year.  I will definitely blog about it afterwards and upload a few photos for you all to see.
  • Secondly, I start the BPTC this week.  It really couldn’t be more perfectly time, I close the door on my LLB chapter of studying on Tuesday and head to my BPTC induction on Friday at BPP, and then start my first weekend of classes this Saturday and Sunday!  Anyone that knows me well or has been reading my blog posts will know just how much I have been waiting to study the BPTC, and how much this means to me, as well as how excited I am, and how it is one step closer to my dream of becoming a Barrister, and I feel so ready to start (and I am just so pleased this week is finally here!)

I will be blogging about both of these this week, so I am sorry if you get inundated with my tweets and blog posts!

Have a brilliant week.

Rebecca x

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