LexisNexis shared one of my posts!

I am sure that all of you lovely law lot have heard of Lexis Nexis well last week was officially amazing for me and Lawyer In The Making.

I got a notification on twitter which flashed up on my phone which read:


I honestly was so shocked that a company as massive and international as Lexis Nexis were sharing my blog posts on twitter!  I use Lexis all the time but to have them share my blog post was just so surreal.

They were so unbelievably lovely and sent me this really sweet tweet:


I am still really shocked as this is a massive deal for me, and I can’t believe how many people are getting behind Lawyer In The Making!

So a massive thank you to Lexis for retweeting/sharing my posts and for also putting the link on their LinkedIn page:


A week later I am still amazed that this happened, and they have been kind enough to say they will share other posts of mine!

Rebecca x


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