Holiday 2015

I wrote a post a little while ago about my mini-American-adventure which is happening in June  (

So many of you asked if I will blog about it, and as much as I would love to, this isn’t a travel/lifestyle blog and whilst I like you all knowing I have a life outside law, this blog is law related.  Plus whilst I am away I will be doing some amazing things, seeing some amazing sights but also just hanging out by the pool and on the beach, so there won’t always be stuff to blog about (plus I am definitely not a full time proper daily blogger, and my holiday is a chance to relax as well!).

So I have decided that I may do a quick post when I am back of some of my highlights but I will do a proper post on some of the slightly legal things I am getting up to whilst away!

So I am off to San Francisco and that means I am off to Alcatraz, I am so excited to be going, and just to check it out, from a normal enjoy sight seeing perspective but also from the slightly geeky legal perspective! And there will definitely be a blog post on this when I am back.

There is a chance I may be doing some other slightly legal related things whilst I am away but I want to keep these a surprise at the moment (plus just incase timings don’t work and they don’t happen – I will feel bad that I then can’t tell you about it!)

So I am flying out on the 11th June and I am back in the UK on the 1st July but blog posts will still be going up whilst I am away, and I will do a very tiny holiday summing up blog post on my return (seeing as so many of you want it).

For those of you that are interested in my holiday and what I am up to, just keep an eye out on twitter instead as I will no doubt be tweeting and uploading lots of photos!

Rebecca x

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