Am I a Barrister after completing the BPTC?

Here is a question I was emailed recently.


Do I get to call barrister without pupillage? I mean will they give me any certificate that I have completed my BPTC? Because I don’t want to practice in London. I’ll practice in my own country after completing BPTC .


You get called to the Bar on completion of the BPTC and are a barrister, but an unregistered one.   You have a ceremony at your Inn for this.

Once you have completed your pupillage you are then a barrister (that is registered), as you will have your practising certificate.

You get a provisional practising certificate on successful completion of your first six on your pupillage.

With regards to going back and practising somewhere else, you would need to check whether they accepted just the BPTC or required you to have a Pupillage under your belt.

Rebecca x

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