So I don’t know how many of you know what Buffer is, and I certainly hadn’t heard of it until I met up with Kosta to discuss plans for Lawyer In The Making (post here: http://wp.me/p4pPCf-f7) but quite simply Buffer is a way of scheduling tweets, Facebook updates etc.

It is free but you can pay for add-ons and various bits like that.

You can access it online and also via the App which means that you can update your page and your schedule on the go as well!

I will be using it but I also just tweet randomly – helps me attempt to promote my blog a little bit better and also great for when you are away or know there is something you specifically want to share on a certain day.  You can also schedule your messages to go to all of your social media pages or just certain ones – so it is very versatile.

As I said I tweet randomly all the time and will continue to do so… but this does seem like a great idea and something I will be using to help with publicising, promoting and also to encourage me to share my updates on my Facebook page and LinkedIn (at the moment my blog posts go to these but not much else!).

Feel free to check it out here and also let me know what you think, I now know lots of individuals who use it for personal use as well as professional business use! The link is: https://buffer.com/

Rebecca x

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