Law blogger with a bank account!

I feel extremely grown up as a few weeks back I headed to the Lloyds Bank by Holborn Circus to set up my business bank account.

It was a very strange feeling and something I never expected to ever have to do, but exciting at the same time.

It was all set up whilst I was there and I was able to quickly go online and check that it all worked.

The most exciting part of it all though was probably the various bits of post I got in the week and all the letters and cards and pits and pieces – it made it feel very real!

The process was so straight forward and the two people I spoke with were so helpful and managed to get it all set up and verified within 40 minutes.

It feels strange to think I have my own bank manager type person that I can contact if I need to, aside from the usual bank support you can access.

I can’t wait to share with you all something that is happening in a few weeks so definitely watch this space!

Rebecca x

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