Legal Walk 2015

Even if you aren’t overly interested in law you can’t have failed to notice the news over the last few weeks surrounding the Legal Walk, which took place yesterday (18th May 2015).

Lots of solicitors firms, chambers, and legal companies, students etc. took part in this, and over 555 teams signed up to participate in the London Legal Walk 2015 (with other 9000 people walking).

Whilst I personally didn’t take part in the 10km walk, I know so many people who did (and twitter was also full of tweets and photos about the walk), and the whole point was to raise money for the charities which enable people to access free legal advice.  Feel free to check out the London Legal Support Trust website here:

The list of charities who will receive some funding from this walk is endless (check it out here):

I will try and write a blog post with a bit more detail in due course, but wanted to get something up quickly as the event was yesterday!

Rebecca x


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