I’m off to the Thinking Digital Conference!

So I am so excited to let you all know that last week I got a message to say that I had been chosen to attend the Thinking Digital Conference in Newcastle.  The conference technically runs from 20-21 May, but there are a few bits happening on the 19th.

I am heading up on the 19th in the evening so I am there bright and early on Wednesday, and as the conference is at the Sage Gateshead this means a cheeky over night stay for me!

Feel free to check out the conference details here: http://www.thinkingdigital.co.uk/

The conference is titled “An annual conference for those curious about how technology is shaping our future” and I am so pleased to be attending, not only from a blogger perspective, but social media and technology is shaping the legal world and business in general so this should be an amazing few days!  Check out the #TDC15 over the conference for updates and I believe you can access live links to the event as well!

Sadly I can’t stay for the 2nd day (which I am extremely gutted about) but as this is an annual conference I will do my best to get some tickets for next year’s event.

I am going to be part of the Sage One Street Team of bloggers and there are other bloggers who make up the rest of the team (and not only is the conference going to be great, it will be nice to meet other bloggers as well).

There are going to be some amazing speakers over the two days (from a whole host of companies) and lots and lots of people have chosen to attend the conference, and this is by far the largest event I will have attended, so I will be making the most out of it!

I am still quite surprised and shocked to have been picked to attend the event, especially as I consider my blog to be quite small and unusual!

Thank you Sage/Thinking Digital for picking me to be part of the team – I am so grateful!

I will be tweeting/blogging about the event so keep an eye out on here, and on my twitter as well as the general #TDC15

Rebecca x

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