So I am sorry that no posts have gone up in the last two weeks, it was because of technical difficulties.

Someone on my road was having something done to their internet connection, and it just kept crashing my wifi after being on the internet for two minutes.

It is finally back and working properly! So next time (if there is a next time – which I hope there isn’t) I will just go and camp out in Costa for a bit and upload there.

I can upload from my phone (which is what I did on holiday), but that isn’t so easy when trying to copy and paste in my #LITMqanda series as I want to check them all properly.

Speaking of the #LITMqanda I have my series waiting to upload and I am going to schedule for 1 or 2 to go up until the end of August.  So you will still get the full amount just in a  shorter time!  I am very grateful to everyone that has taken part, and I hope you will have enjoyed reading about the various career paths, study tips, and areas of law, thanks to the QCs, Barristers, Solicitors, Academics and students that have taken part!

Rebecca x

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