Networking on a surf lesson in Santa Barbara

I know I keep saying this, but I do genuinely dislike the word networking!

This holiday has been about relaxing, sight seeing, enjoying time on my own, exploring by myself, going on pre-planned trips and also doing things out of my comfort zone!

So one thing that is totally outside of my comfort zone is surfing – I love swimming and the sea, but I have never been surfing so booked myself a lesson for when I was in Santa Barbara.

It was amazing but the strangest thing happened after my lesson – as we were just chatting whilst I was waiting for a taxi, my surf instructor was telling me about how he is studying environmental law or wants to start, and he also does work as an employment intern! He was a really good surf instructor and had surfed since he was little.

Jeremy studied International Relations and Environmental Sciencd and now law.  It was great to chat about how the system works over here and also why he wanted to go into law.

Jeremy said he would check out my blog and took a business card – and we said we would chat more about how the system works in each country.

I have something coming up this summer for Lawyer In The Making  (all to be revealed soon!) and Jeremy has kindly agreed to be involved!

So you will be hearing lots more about this in August.

Rebecca x

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