Second Mogul meeting

As I said, I am going to try and keep you all in the loop as much as I can (whilst keeping something’s a surprise until the big reveal) with regard to the projects I am working on with Mogul.  As you know from previous blog posts Mogul created the Lawyer In The Making website and brand (from transforming my old wordpress and also coming up with the all the branding), and they are helping me develop a couple of ideas for the summer!

I spent about 45 minutes chatting with Tim the week before last about timescales for a couple of the projects, and these projects are going to develop some of my resources for Lawyer In The Making.  We came up with the ideas together and it is great to have people on board who know what they are doing in terms of creating the formats and incorporating the branding etc.

My blog is very much going to be staying the same and with the same content, so legal career updates, legal news articles, study tips, book reviews, legal events, case analysis etc. and I am sure this list will also grow.

The point of these projects is to take some of my resources one step further in the delivery of them, and pulling some of them together!

I am hoping to be able to tell you more information about them in greater detail in the summer, and I can’t wait to see what you all think!

What I have planned for Lawyer In The Making would not be possible without all your support on here, in person, and on twitter, thank you so much for all the retweets, and all the times you engage with my posts, I am truly so grateful!

Mogul also created some stationery type bits for me when the website was created including Letterhead, compliment slip, invoice and also business cards, and they are going to be designing a few more bits for me, including a presentation type template, and also some plain paper with logo/contact info type templates (similar to my letterhead) whereby I can send out briefs, and some information about Lawyer In The Making as and when required.

What is great about this last document is that it will be totally transferable for many things, from information about what I do, to sending out briefs, and even using it for flyers and handouts, so this will be a really useful resource that I will no doubt use a lot!

All will be revealed very soon!

Rebecca x


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