Friday 13th March – BPTC offer day!

Whenever it is Friday 13th you can’t seem to escape the comments on twitter, or newspapers saying how unlucky it is.. and whilst I don’t believe in that anyways… Friday 13th March 2015 was quite possibly one of my luckiest!

It was the day that the BPTC offers were released.  I only wanted to go to BPP (Holborn) but thought it best to apply to some others just in case, as well as the part time and full time options.  I managed to get unconditional offers for them all which is just surreal.

I have thought long and hard about the part time and full time options, and pretty much always knew what my decision would be but thought it best to keep my options open.

I have already accepted my offer to BPP to start in September (and hit the accept button straight away!).  I am so excited to start the BPTC and train to become a Barrister, and no doubt there will be plenty of blog posts over the next 2 and a half years about life as a BPTC student!

Rebecca x

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