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For quite a while I was asked by law students and lawyers if I was going to properly start using my YouTube Channel.  So last year I started to use it a little bit more, and even more so this year!

YouTube is taking over right now, and you can’t travel through London without seeing the ‘Made For You’ adverts.

I thought I would take this opportunity to remind you all that I do have a YouTube Channel and I have so many videos to upload, and also a brand new series of short videos specifically for law student which I have been filming with a company.

YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel

Some of the videos I have had professionally filmed, such as the Q&A video and LITM promo video which I filmed in Manchester last year.

Lawyer In The Making YouTube Channel

I will continue to uploading some I have filmed myself, when I have the time to edit them.  In the meantime though I will be uploading videos each month that I have been filming with a company.  I create all of the content, they just film and edit them for me.

For a quick look at some of my new videos check out these two: Basic Advocacy Tips and also Why Law Students Should Attend Legal Events.

Please hit the subscribe button on my YouTube Channel so that you never miss a video, and don’t forget to share the link with friends, fellow law students and lawyers!

Rebecca x

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