BCAT passed!

I still can’t quite believe it.  On the 16th February 2015 I sat the BCAT exam at quarter to 8 in the morning, and when I went out to the reception once I finished the test, I felt quite sick when the lady handed me the bit of paper.  Part of me didn’t want to open it to see if I had passed or failed.  Luckily I had passed, and I must confess that I screamed a little bit in the reception area.

For the rest of that day I was on cloud 9, and still am.  I feel that this is the start of the next chapter and becoming a Barrister, and regardless of people’s views on the BCAT test, it is necessary at present that students pass this to enable them to go on and study the BPTC and become a Barrister.

I know quite a lot of you will be sitting the Bar Course Aptitude Test of the next few months, so I wish you the very best of luck!

Rebecca x


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