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On Wednesday night (16 January 2013), I watched the Lawyer2B (powered by The College of Law) webinar on Demystifying Commercial Awareness (website links to follow below).

I am going to do a full blog post shortly on this webinar but thought I would put up a little bit of information from it, and also my review.

Commercial Awareness is a key skill that is developed over many years! It is crucial to be commercially aware for whatever career you pursue especially one in the law.

Many people will think that they are not necessarily commercially aware, but all you really need is to have an interest in it, and then the skills will develop as you continue your learning and career. 

When you next read a business article that interests you, do not just think about the main business/financial effect that this will have, consider the bigger picture? What legal, social, political implications could this potentially have or is already having?

Another top tip was to pick an article you are interested in, consider the impacts it may have and follow that story. Look at other newspapers, online resources, journals etc. One story in depth, is far better than a million stories you do not know in any detail.

If you do not already have one, build an interest in commercial awareness. Pick up the newspaper once a week and read a few articles.

Finally, remember that commercial awareness is not necessarily just about reading a newspaper, you could be commercially aware without even realising it! Do you help run a society? Do you run your own business, even if it is small? Do you sell items on eBay? These are just a few ways of how you could already be commercially aware, and developing your skills! 

I would highly recommend to anyone that if another opportunity such as this arises, or on another legal topic that as many of you sign up to view the webinar as possible. It was insightful and informative, and I learnt a lot. Everyone was really easy to understand and very helpful in what they said and discussed. The format is easy to follow, and for all of you students out there I suppose a highlight is being able to view this from the comfort of your own home!

Also check out the Future Lawyers Network, part of The College of Law which is accessible to all law students, non law students and anyone that is considering entering the legal profession.

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