Is it really all about who you know, rather than what you know?

I saw this today and it really made me laugh but then also think….

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Everyone says that in principle it should be about what you know, but in reality it is all about who you know…

As much as knowing a million people can get you into meetings, job interviews and opportunities, your own initiative, opinion and knowledge will take you the remainder of the way, and will no doubt secure you that job or opportunity.

As much as this quote made me laugh and in respect is in some circumstances true, especially when you consider the way many lawyers are portrayed in TV dramas (whereby they either love or hate the judge) it is also a problem and shows that those who may not know as many people can sometimes miss out.

That is not to say that all opportunities are based on who you know – many of the opportunities I have personally undertaken, I have found myself and submitted my CV.

For example, I did not know anyone in a particular Chambers and to obtain a mini-pupillage they viewed my CV and then chose me – and the satisfaction you get from being selected on your own merit is amazing!

This was definitely my food for thought today, and as much as I am all for networking and welcoming opportunities, I also believe that if you want something enough, you go out and make it happen, regardless of whether you know everyone in the profession, or no one!

Anyways that’s my rant over for the day!

Rebecca x


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