Have you read any of these law books?

In 2012, The Guardian posted a list of “must read” books for students about to embark on a law degree.  This list was produced based on nominations by law students.  

There are so many books that I would include or add to the list, but these were the top 6.

The top 6 on the Guardian list were:

1. The Rule of Law – Tom Bingham

2. Letters to a Law Student – Nicholas McBride

3. Glanville Williams: Learning the Law

4. What About Law? – Catherine Barnard et al

5. Eve was Framed  – Helena Kennedy

6. Bleak House – Charles Dickens

So I have read all of the above, some prior to embarking on my degree and a couple whilst on my foundation year.

As quite a lot of you that read this blog are students and tutors, I would love to know what you would consider to be the top book to read for a prospective law student.  If you are a solicitor or barrister then I would love to know your thoughts as well!

My first ever “law book” was Glanville Williams: Learning the Law, so that will always be up there amongst the top for me, but plenty of other books have taught me lots and provided me with a greater insight into the degree and working life thereafter, as well as top tips for studying and the profession in general.

So leave me a comment, send me a message (via my contact page) or send me a tweet @lawyer_inmaking.

This post has encouraged me to write a few law book reviews, so I will try and get one done this week – and it may even be one that made it to The Guardian’s top 6!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts so please do get involved!  Plus as the poll conducted by The Guardian was in 2012 – have any new books come out?  I will go and have a look, but let me know if you know of any yourself.

Rebecca x


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