Legal Quiz – Answers

So yesterday I posted up a “Round of 2013 Quiz” which was created by the University of Law and I am going to post the answers to that quiz below!

I am going to post another blog article up tonight so keep an eye out for that!

Hope you are enjoying the #janlawblogpost and there is only another 21 days to go.

rebecca x


1: d) The entire hearing was conducted in the court’s car park

2: d) Keir Starmer QC        

3: b) Stobart Group

4: a) The judge accepted evidence from Michael Jackson’s ghost  

5: a) To be naked in public 

6: b) The Church of Scientology chapel in central London

7: b) The right to deny gay people to stay at their B&B

8: c) Wearing trainers to attend court  

9: d) Mr. John Thomas (Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd)    

10: a) TV cameras were allowed to film proceedings 

11: d) Sky Sports in their lodgings    

12: b) Youngest person to be called to the Bar of England and Wales  

13: c) It concerned the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ

14: c) To vote         

15: a) Appearing to dance to the YMCA during a court recess

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